Confirmed squad members:
  1. DARRYL (CO-Lt.Col.)
  3. JS (Major)
  10. DELTER
  12. DOGFIT
  13. SWOOPP (Major)
  14. JJMAAC
  15. OREONI
  16. KAPDRE
  17. SOJRNR
  18. GUTTMA
  19. BOUZAI
  20. SKYCPT
  21. SYCHO- (Captain)
  22. ATLANA
  23. WUSSUP (Captain)
  24. THUDER
  25. SIMONH
  26. SEAHBC
  27. ANZACA
  28. SHIELD
  29. SROGUE
  30. KERMOD
  31. SNACKZ
  32. JDCABC
  33. --RG--
  34. BWILLY
  35. VACVIC
  36. JMEYER
  37. CPNEMO
  38. SCUZZY
  39. UNUWOT
  40. BMRJKY
  41. FOWARD
  42. DIGBY-
  43. BPWONE
  44. ARTYDD (XO-Capt.)
  45. HEY-U-
  46. -VADER
  47. STAFFO
  48. KIDBLU
  49. T-BOGY
  50. PJBCAA
  51. CLEANS
  52. -SIKI-
  53. SGSSUG
  54. PEAPAW
  55. TUCK--
  56. CUBDVR
  57. LDKHIL
  58. JHAWKI
  59. DBRONX
  60. -NIGE-
  61. UBXXED
  62. DOCMTL
  63. -CATO-
  64. NOXFOX
  65. AAAIRR
  66. SPOOKD
  68. POOFBA
  69. MAXCOX
  70. MAXKIL
  71. GRAVEY
  72. -NEME-
  73. KOPF--
  74. GHOLME
  75. JAKSON
  76. WOOFIE
  77. GETLOW
  78. MALKAV
  79. SPINIE
  80. KLATTY
  81. MYTURN
  82. REVOLE
  83. DARKTK
  84. GUTTDU
  85. LALASU
  86. CIAIO
  87. SPACE
  88. ZKHAT
  89. MCDUCK
  90. HLDFST
  91. HILMAN
  92. BYRLE
  93. SIMBOH
  94. TABASC
  95. OLLIEE
  96. TXSOON
  97. MAGAZ-
  98. DOOMKT
  99. DALVES
  100. CELTAN
  101. SEXFLY
  102. CHEYEN
  103. T-HAWK
  104. SAITEK
  105. PREDY
  106. SCUBA-
  107. BRD-OG
  108. BARNIK
  109. BIGHAM
  110. MACOLA
  111. ONISHI
  112. SPIKEY
  113. LEDMAG
  114. NODICE
  115. -PIPE-
  116. -WAKO-
  117. CATMAN
  118. HAWKIN
  119. -JIRO-
  120. WARBRD
  121. BALZY-
  122. SPITTY
  123. VASILI
  124. SKIPPY
  125. BLKFOX
  126. JUSTKK
  127. DEDWUD
  128. FANNYX
  129. REAPR-
  130. LILTRA
  131. SLOWHD
  132. NACNAV
  133. ADCMEN
  134. VENOM-
  135. GOBDAM
  136. EAGLEI
  137. NUGG--
  138. BASSIS
  139. MARIMO
  140. LAGADO
  141. BDBWWW
  142. GNARRI
  143. MRDWEB
  144. WULFEE
  145. RAOREC
  146. RICHER
  147. -LAVY-
  148. MPITRS
  149. -PILOW
  150. -DOPE-
  151. -DRZM-
  152. BMRJKY
  153. GRAHAM
  154. OZOZOZ
  155. JJBALA
  156. JCRASH
  157. MAGICY
  158. VONASS
  159. HOBOJO
  160. EXUSAF
  161. TRIGG-
  162. CONMAN
  163. TROGGY
  164. EGGMAN
  165. JWLMAN
  166. LOBEAU
  167. PAPPAP
  168. HUNKEY
  169. AUGGIE
  170. SWEETT
  171. PEPPER
  172. BHARPE
  173. SHAMBR
  174. STP---
  175. PHILOI
  176. ICERRR
  177. SVENNY
  178. FENDER
  179. SVULF
  180. NITRO
  181. RAFFIE
  182. PLANER
  183. FURNAC
  184. KERMIT
  185. OMAHAZ
  186. PMHB
  187. MELTED
  188. VAQRON
  189. GAMBLE
  190. VGULIA
  191. IOCSHA
  192. DEFQON
  193. WESLEY
  194. GREENX
  195. JAYBRD
  196. CORVOS
  197. CONMAN
  198. ALKALI
  199. MK-XIV
  200. FRANZ
  201. ORVILE
  202. OWLET
  203. REVO
  204. TEAPOT
  205. NAV
  206. REVO
  207. SWASS
  208. COPCOP
  209. VULCAN
  210. ADAMGS
  211. DUCKAA
  212. BOGIE-
  213. MLKDUD
  214. COWDOG
  215. JOLLY-
  216. PASCO-
  217. GRIFFT
  218. TRILAN
  219. CHATO
  220. CALUMI
  221. ALEJO
  222. MILTON
  223. RYEDOG
  224. ODEPRE
  225. EGRUTZ
  226. ALE
  227. TARO
  228. NEURON
  229. NA
  230. ROOK
  231. GERD
  232. AIRHOG
Photo Gallery of
Screen Shots


Darryl: CO (Commanding Officer) In charge of the Squadron and all Operations.

Artydd: XO (Executive Officer) second in Command and is in charge of whatever CO has him to do plus oversee training in operations and report's back to CO.


The story of Lt. Colonel James H. Doolittle and his Raiders

Green water breaking across her flat topside, the USS Hornet plunged through a heavy sea and strong wind. A few hours earlier, as dawn broke on April 18, 1942, lookouts aboard the American aircraft carrier had spotted a Japanese patrol boat. The Hornet's planes were intended to carry out their raid under cover of darkness; but Admiral William Halsey, whose nickname was "Bull" had not been bestowed lightly, gave the order to launch at once -- wind, wave, and daylight be damned. The ship swung into the wind , and at 7:25 A.M. the first of the twin-engine bombers groaned off the flight deck.

The Army pilots at the controls of the B-25's had practiced short takeoffs from the comfortably dry land of a Florida airstrip at Eglin Field but had never once tried it at sea. No one else ever had, either. Landing a B-25 on a carrier was impossible. Flying a B-25 off a carrier was, by comparison; merely insane. But the medium-weight bombers were the only aircraft in the American arsenal with a prayer of completing the daredevil mission. If all went according to plan, they would fly five hundred miles to Japan, drop their load, then continue another eleven hundred miles to a safe landing in unoccupied China.

Leading the attack was an unflappable test pilot, Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle; his was the first of the lumbering bombers to catapult down the heaving deck. Over the next hour fifteen others followed. One pilot hung on the verge of a stall for so long as he strugled to get airbourne that, Halsey later recalled, "we nearly catalogued his effects." Thirteen of the planes headed for Tokyo, roared in over the rooftops from different directions, and dropped their four bombs apiece. The three others hit Nagoya and Osaka. Ever since the attack on Pearl Harbor four months earlier, Pres. Roosevelt had been pressing for just such a morale-boosting coup to bolster some of America"s wounded pride.

Doolittle's Raider's did essentially no damage -- except to the Japanese psyche. On that they scored a direct hit. The Japanese Army claimed it shot down nine of the marauders; the true figure was zero. But the premature launch of the planes had added almost two hundred miles to their planned mission, strong head winds burned up still more fuel as they made their way toward China, and most of the crews ditched or bailed out. Eight who landed in Japanese-occupied territory were taken prisoner and three of them were executed for the crime of bombing civilian targets but in reality in an excess of Japanese fury and mortification.

(Special thanks to Johnny Sykes - SYCHO - for supplying us a short version of this historical event.)

Official Doolittle's Raiders Patch

Thanks to SGTBIL for finding this patch (logo) for the squad.
Click here for larger printable version.


The squad is growing fast and is doing well in the rankings (see squad list to the left). We can be proud to be a part of Doolittle’s Raiders. It is my honor to have every one of you in the squad. It is cool to see each one of you in action.


As I told you in the beginning, when we started the squad, I was not keeping good records of all the people we were recruiting. Therefore, we are missing about 10 names/e-mails of people I initially recruited. As they come around, I nab their names and e-mail addresses. To the left, you will see the list in the order recruited.


Squad members should always check the roster within the Main Arena by typing in the buffer:

.roster squad

Then, you can check to see which color the squad is flying as it may change with each new map. You may also simply ask the guys, if you see Raiders online or in Team Speak. As always, a simple test if you are the first one in the map is to check which side the Knights are on and jump to the opposite color. We fly on the opposite side to balance out the game. It wouldn't be nearly as fun with almost all the bombers on the same side.


I know there are some who don’t care about points or rankings. But, as I can tell you from experience, once you are promoted to a higher rank, the points and rankings suddenly take on a new importance. HAHA

I would like for the RAIDERS to outperform every other squad in the arena on BOTH sides. We have a blast every time we get together in the arena. When we coordinate with each other, it’s hard to get any better. TS3 makes it just a bit better. Below are some goals I think we should strive for:

1. BOMBING: Improve each bomber with a little bit of skills training. We have several bombers with tons of experience to tap into. If you like to bomb, consider spending some quality time with those who show expertise in the area.

2. FIGHTERS: We are developing a fighter group within the squad. If you prefer to be in a fighter plane, that is great! We need to have fighters to support the bombers on raids. I would like to see us have a group of dedicated fighters who excel in that field. Artydd is the fighter squadron leader. If you have any questions, please see him.

3.  RANKINGS: RAIDERS to fill in the top 30 positions for bombers, fighters, etc. I like seeing your names in the rankings. I know you do, too. But, if we push to be in the top 30 positions, the points will come and the promotions will follow quickly. Can you imagine having every member become a Captain before the year is out? I can see that happening!

4.  RAIDS: Have at least one or more coordinated bombing raids when we have sufficient squad members available. If you haven’t been on a successful bombing raid, you don’t know what you are missing. We need to have the full support of the whole squad when we do make those runs. You should see the external view when everyone is in formation. It will blow your mind. Let’s do more of them.

5.  TROOPING: When I first came to WB, I flew the P51 and P38 mostly. When we needed bases trooped, I jumped at the opportunity to do so. It was because I knew that the only way to win was to change the majority of bases to our color. I flew everywhere NOE. It was a good experience that helped me when I began flying a bomber. I still troop, but I think that the task should be one that every one of us should be ready to do. I propose that the RAIDER squad adopt the following policy: when you enter the arena initially, ask where we need troops. So, the first mission you fly may be a trooping mission. That means that we are filling the role most needed – changing the base color. It should be viewed as a courtesy to our squad members.

6.  WEB SITE: We thought it would be cool if we could have our own web site for the squad. It happens to be my profession, so that was an easy goal. You're looking at it. It is now possible for us to have our own e-mail accounts (i.e. Darryl@DoolittlesRaiders.com).  Let me know what you think.

7.  SQUAD PERMISSIONS: Some have asked to be allowed to invite others to the squad. Currently, only a few have such permissions in the WB back office. Only the CO has the permission to remove a squad member from the squad.

8.  TEAM SPEAK: The details for installation and use of the new TS3 are on the upper right side of this page. The squad has been able to function so much better after setting up TS3. Check sixes and mission coordination is improved tremendously. If you haven't got it set up, please do so today.


We are working on setting up this new web site for Doolittle’s Raiders. I will try to work on the site a little every day. Please take some screen shots from your missions and send them to me along with details of the raid. I will post them on the site.


Well, I will stop now. I look forward to hearing from you. Please take the time to send me your comments and please.

CO, of Doolittle’s Raiders

P.S. When sending an e-mail to me, please start the subject line with “Doolittle’s Raiders”, so that I can spot your e-mail easier. Some e-mails have been deleted accidentally. Thanks.



Make sure you download the right software. TS3 Client comes in a few flavors:

Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit
Mac OS X

To find out what system you are running on Windows go to “Start” – “Control Panel” – “system”.

TeamSpeak’s website is found at http://www.teamspeak.com/

TeamSpeak3 (TS3) Client software can be downloaded from: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

The login info below has been updated as of 4/1/2012. Check your settings.

SERVER INFO (two server options)
Server 1:
Server 2: ts3.truxgo.com:6715
Password: ient1995

Open TS3 -> Toolbar “Bookmarks” -> Add Bookmark -> Select the “New Server” and open -> Fill in Label: WarBirds -> Server: -> Nickname: Pilot Name -> Server Password: ient1995 -> Click “Apply”

If you have problems logging in to the server, contact your CO (Darryl) or someone in the squad for assistance.

Visit: Official Doolittle Raider Site


Get Your Own
Doolittle's Raiders Mug

Visit the Memorabilia Shop Today: www.cafepress.com/doolittlesraiders

Now, you can get your mug personalized with a photo of you flying your favorite aircraft.

Contact your CO for details.

Lots of different items available

Special Video for All Pilots

Pilot Training: Friday and Saturday Nights 7:30 EST: We are beginning our own pilot training program. Why not? We have some of the very best fighter/bomber pilots in Warbirds. Our own pilots can train our own pilots. Artydd has planned how he wants to train Raiders to be the best fighter pilots in the game. We will be breaking down our fighters into flights of four pilots. You will learn offensive and defensive techniques and how to bring everybody in the flight home safely. We’ll own the skies.

DR Squad Stats:
232 squad members recruited
21 different countries represented


Also, if you’d like to have your own special e-mail, instead of advertising Hotmail or Gmail, I can set one up for you (examples: darryl@doolittlesraiders.com; thuder@doolittlesraiders.com). Only the Raiders can get this benefit. All I need from you is your birth date, including the year. Then, I’ll send you instructions on how to set it up. It’s kinda cool to have your own Raider E-mail Address.


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