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Welcome to the Doolittle’s Raiders web site. In 2008, the Doolittle’s Raiders squadron was formed to fly in the online flight simulator called Warbirds. The squad began as a bomber squad that sought to commemorate the first heroes of World War II who delivered the first strike against Japanese empire on April 18, 1942. Since the squad was started, we have morphed into more of a composite group, that is, our pilots fly bombers, fighters, and troop transports. You will also find many of the squad members in tanks and other ground vehicles from time-to-time, as the need ari

The Doolittle’s Raiders is the largest squad in Warbirds with over 85 active members of 325 listed members. Periodically, those who are inactive come back to fly with us. One of the many reasons why pilots find the Doolittle’s Raiders the squad for them is how we coordinate our missions. We enjoy planning a mission with bombers and fighter support. When other fighter squads are available, they join in to escort the bombers to and from the targets.

As the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Doolittle’s Raiders, I often say, “We have way too much fun flying together!” It’s true. We jump on the program called Team Speak and the simulator takes on a whole different feel.

If you would be interested in flying with the Doolittle’s Raiders, feel free to come check us out.

Darryl (CO)