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Hey Raiders!
Tonight, we start serious fighter training for the Doolittle’s Raiders. It will be in-house training and we don’t want to let it leak out that we are doing this. I want those that fly against us (and you know who I mean) to have their heads spinning.

I will not be present, as I am out of town with my grandkids, but, Saitek and Jest-r will be in charge of coordinating the training. Xhartx will be assisting with the training, as well. Since Swoopp is out of town, he will not be helping with the first session.

Our goal is to create strong fighter pilots who will eventually be asked to assist in training other pilots at different time slots. The squad members have always been ready to jump in and do whatever is needed, but we want to really focus on the fighters, at this time. Flying in tight fighter formation with a wingman will make us a formidable force. Protecting each other is vital whatever the mission. I want to see our fighter jocks assigned to bomber protection do their best to get each and every bomber home safely.

You fellas have fun and take some screen shots tonight and send them my way, please. I will try to get on TS and listen. Heard from Puffff and a few others who said they will be in training. Can’t wait to have them all back with us. We’ll work Puffff and others into the trainer list as soon as they have time.

Have a great time!

Darryl, CO

P.S. Check out our new updated web site. I have a lot more to do, but thought you might like to see what I have, so far. www.DoolittlesRaiders.com (bookmark it, too).

Picture us flying in perfect formation right at the enemy.
Always keeping our wingman in sight, we’ll soon be building up those fighter kill streaks!
That’s what I’m talkin’ about!